Technical Translation


Technical documents are texts pertaining to technological subject areas or to texts relating to practical application of scientific and technological information. It requires the technical translator to have a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of relevant terminologies and writing conventions. It is interesting to note that by output, it is the largest subset out of all possible types of professional translation.


How Technical translation is done at STS?

The importance of consistent terminology in technical translation, for e.g. in patents, as well as highly formulaic and repetitive nature of technical writing makes use of computer- aided translation or machine translation with the use of translation memories and terminology databases especially appropriate and to a great extent inevitable.


At STS, we have invested heavily in latest technological tools that aid our pool of human translators in delivering a high quality, consistent, accurate and speedy translation. With our vast network of expert technical translators, we have been able to develop our own translation memories for major industries like Healthcare, Education and Training etc.


Types of Technical documents STS have translated so far:

- Technical Manuals

- Pre sale and post sale booklets

- User guides

- Service manuals

- Installation manuals

- Maintenance manuals

- Engineering specifications

- Bill of materials

- Catalogs

- E- learning materials

- Labels

- Other Marketing materials

- Operating Manuals

- Presentations

- Safety manuals( for print and interactive media)

- Software and Hardware UI

- Training materials

- Technical proposals