Simultaneous Translation


Simultaneous interpretation closely matches an extempore. The interpreter renders the message in the target- language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source language speaker continuously speaks. The simultaneous interpretation setting requires the interpreter to sit in a sound- proof booth, speak into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the source- language speaker via earphones. The target- language audience receives the message from interpreter via their earphones.


Features of Simultaneous Interpretation


It is mostly used in large meetings, conferences, speech.


It happens in real time with only a fraction of time lag between speaker finishing his speech and interpreter interpreting and rendering the message in target language.


It requires specialized equipment including wired, wireless, infrared systems, two or three person booths, interpreter consoles et al.


Key factors to keep in mind while hiring a Simultaneous Interpreter


An interpreter with a minimum of 5 years of experience is a must for quality results.


A single interpreter can usually handle simultaneous interpretation duties for up to 20 minutes. Any assignment exceeding this time limit would require two or three interpreters so that they can alternate and alleviate the work load.


Interpreters will deliver better results if they are briefed about the organization and its products and services. We can’t stress enough the importance of providing background material such as speech drafts and specialist vocabulary pertaining to that assignment to the interpreter before the real time simultaneous interpretation starts. It undoubtedly ensures better results.


Last but most important, if there are budgetary constraints in engaging simultaneous interpreters, we urge you to consider whether consecutive interpretation would suffice rather than cut corners and put your event’s success at stake.


How clients benefit by choosing STS Simultaneous Interpretation?

- Track Record: STS is and will be committed at delivering simultaneous interpretation services that can make your event create the impact you so desire in your target market/ amongst your target audience.


- Experienced Interpreters: All simultaneous interpreters at STS have a minimum five years of experience.


- Personalized Service: A dedicated project manager is assigned to you who’ll work with you closely to meet all your project requirements.


- Local presence, global reach: STS has expertise at arranging simultaneous interpretation services for your events.


- One point solution: STS offers simultaneous interpretation services for large meetings, conferences.


- Quality: We conduct pre- screening of resources and pre- checks of settings to ensure that your objective is met more than satisfactorily.