Medical Translation


Medical translation is the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing texts pertaining to pharmaceutical, medical device, medical tourism or healthcare in general. It is a translation service that can save lives.


Research by the medical journal “Pediatrics” which analyzed the audio transcripts of 13 visits of Spanish speaking patients to an American pediatrics clinic, found that official interpreters made about 231 errors. 53% of them were judged to have the potential to cause health problems.


Types of medical documents needing translation:

- Case Report Forms

- Clinical trials

- Drug Registration documents

- IFUs & inserts

- Informed consent forms

- Installation manual

- Packaging & Labeling

- Marketing collaterals

- Operation manual

- Patents

- Patients information

- Protocols

- Presentations, software application interface

- Toxicology reports

- User Manuals


Areas for which STS has translated documents so far

- Anesthesia

- Biostatistics

- Cardiology

- Dentistry

- Diagnostics

- Electro Diagnosis

- Endoscopy

- Endocrinology

- Medicine

- Prosthetics

- Toxicology