About Us


SLEEM Translation and Services was established in 2000, and properly incorporated under number 75914 /CR Beirut, with a group of skilful, professional and certified public translators.


SLEEM’s is the perfect translation service solution for corporate clients or individuals in the Middle East or worldwide. We do provide comprehensive, custom language services that are tailored to fit market needs in all fields of life: business, marketing, legal, religious, education, medical, technical and….etc


SLEEM’s professional team of certified and senior translators and editors hold advanced degrees in translation and living languages , in addition to their considerable experience . Our team of translators has in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject matter of your project and as well extensive experience in the localized cultures where the finished work will be used. This includes understanding the subtle differences, idioms, and nuances that need to be taken into account for the most precise translation possible.


Our company’s main objective is to provide good quality translations in reasonable deadlines. We work for your comfort; we are your poets, lawyers, judges, politicians and spokesmen. We say what you believe. This is our mission, this is our career, and you are our Target.