Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 24 May 2017  [without reference to a Main Committee (A/71/L.68)]  71/288. 


The role of professional translation in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development 


1.   Affirms that professional translation, as a trade and an art, plays an important role in upholding the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to development and strengthening world peace and security;


2. Decides to declare 30 September International Translation Day; 


3. Invites all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system and other international and regional organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals, to observe International Translation Day, in an appropriate manner and in accordance with national priorities, in order to raise awareness of the importance of professional translation, and stresses that the cost of such activities should be met from voluntary contributions;


4. Requests the Secretary-General to continue to preserve high quality and excellence in the work of language professionals in the United Nations.