We have been serving over 20 years since we decided to be one of the pioneers in the field of translation and interpretation. These years have been filled with hard and constant work that make us who we are today.


By the end of 2020, we will have handled thousands of translations of all types and in more than six global languages –the fact that makes us leaders in the segment. More than 200,000 handlings and projects have been carried out by our in-house translators and freelancers and delivered locally and internationally.

These numbers clearly reflect the trust our customers have in us as well as the safety and security we provide in managing their projects and formalities effectively.


In a single platform of information, we dispose everything about translation, interpretation, localization, editing, certified translations, and copywriting. Our services are available in our computers, tablets, and smart phones, allowing us to offer our customers real-time information, with consistency, certainty and above all, trust.


In Sleem Translation, more than a translation integrator, we are a strategic partner to our customers and a key link in the local and international translation chain.


We are trust that moves business.

Hassan SLEEM
Chairman and Owner of Sleem Translation and Services