FITISP -Univerdidad de Alcala. 6th International Conference on Public Service Interpreting and Translating

6 March 2017

6th International Conference on Translation and Interpretation in Public Services

(PSIT6) / Community Interpreting and Translation         

Date:  6 – 8 March 2017            

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid



Ladies and Gentlemen

Distinguished Guests,


In the name of the director of our translation establishment Mr. Hassan Sleem and on behalf of our colleague translators in Lebanon, I would like to convey our appreciation to our host, Professor Carmen Valero-Garcés for the opportunity to participate in this conference, and we are honored and pleased to be among you.

The profession of translation and interpretation, in its general scope, has always been known to be a bridge between cultures, an ideal mode of communication and understanding between individuals of different cultures and backgrounds as well as the landmark of peaceful coexistence between different religions and creeds. Spain is a living example of such coexistence, and translation as carried out by many renown scholars in the past centuries has played a vanguard role in ensuring such harmonious coexistence.

Our noble profession also plays a key role in the decision-making process of corporations and establishments whether in the private sector or in the public sector. Community translation and interpretation are considered vital in public services as many procedures and formalities are facilitated through a translation and interpretation process done conscientiously and responsively.

In Lebanon, translation and interpretation in public services are of vital importance in their many facets and same is the case in the communities of Lebanese expatriates worldwide especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

We are pleased to be in this conference to share and exchange views based on our modest but valuable experience in this domain as cultural exchange, especially in our noble profession, is always enriching and paves the way for better quality in our work as accomplished translators and interpreters.

Thank you