Chairman and Owner of Sleem Translation & Services.

Certified Public Translator.

X-Secretary General of the Lebanese CPT Association.

Senior Editor and Proofrear

Reseracher and intellectaul

Mr. Hassan SLEEM


Miss Grace Abou Khaled

Business Development Manager.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Miss Tamara SLEEM

Office Manager  

Bachelor's Degree  in Translation

Certified Public Translator

Lebanese University Graduate

Miss Hanine Matar



Certified Public Translator 

Project Manager

Bachelor's Degree  in Translation

Lebanese University Graduate

Editor and  Proofreader


Miss Sarah Fayad

  Senior Translator   Spanish /English/Arabic/ /French    Project Manager   AUB & Spanish Universities Graduate 

Mr. Milad Cadalso Abboud

Senior Translator  

Bachelor's Degree  in Translation

Islamic University of Lebanon 

Trilingual Translator (French- English - Arabic)

French Department Supervisor


Miss Racha Daou


Senior Translator, Editor and Proofreader

Certified Public Translator

Expert in Persian 

Mr. Louay Charafeddine

Certified Public Translator

Bilingual Translator and Interpreter 

Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature

Graduated from Damascus University


Miss Dalia MASRI

Certified Public Translator 

Master Degree in Translation 

Lebanese University Graduate 

Editor and Proofreader (Fr/Ar. Ar/Fr)

Trilingual Translator (French - English - Arabic)

Mrs. Lamis Al Awar



Public Relations Officer

Legal  Pursuer


Mrs. Ahlam Riman

STS Attorney-at-Law

Legal Representative of Sleem Translation and Services by virtue of a yeraly proxy.

Mr. Samir KAISS